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Makeup has become such a popular topic on social media platforms, but that isn't always a positive thing.

Beauty influencers and Instagram have created so many trends and so many expectations for what people think their makeup should look like. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but..... This isn't always a reality.

Some clients come in with photos of Instagram makeups or celebrities and want to look like the picture. I would also love to look like the photo, that just isn't really possible. These are the products of makeup yes, but also of lighting, filters, and editing.

I'm a makeup artist not a surgeon. I love makeup and making people feel beautiful but society and the media are making that harder and harder.

Perfect skin, perfect brows, big lips. Not all of us have these. Yes there are tricks we can use to alter some things, or enhance others but we can't make you perfect. I can't make your lines disappear no matter how hard I try. Not every eye shape suits a winged liner, and not every face should have a Kim K contour. When a client sits in my chair I want them to see themselves when they look in there mirror, just a bit more polished version.

Texture is probably the biggest thing I have to deal with on clients. People want flawless skin but some people just aren't that lucky. Myself included. I can cover discolouration or redness but texture is texture. It is one thing that I can't cover up. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of your skin. Having a well balanced diet, drinking water, and exercising will help your skin, as well as using an SPF, and the correct skin care products for your skin type.

I'm hoping some of these trends will die out soon. I love a more natural look. When you see some skin peeking through, nicely groomed brows but not overly drawn in, and a dewy glow of healthy skin. Don't get me wrong I think there is always time for a bold lip or smokey eye, just not for everyday and not for everyone.

Let your brows grow, let your skin show, be you. Flaws and all.

Embrace your beauty.

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