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Glossier... And the verdict is

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Glossier is one the most talked about brands at the moment, so I thought I would give into the hype and see just what this brand was all about.

Now this is one of the newer brands that is really pushing on natural looking makeup which I love. All of the promo pictures have models looking just naturally gorgeous. Its healthy skin, fluffed brows and a sheer touch of colour. Just my style.

I ordered a few products from there makeup line to test out the brand, and we will see if any of these products make it to my kit.

I purchased:

Boy Brow and Highlight Duo in Blond and Quartz

Cloud Paints in Puff and Beam

Stretch Concealer in Light

Generation G Lipstick in Leo


And the verdict is........

I am loving some of these products.

Boy Brow has become a staple in my makeup routine, I love how light it is but still adds some volume and fullness to my brows. I am a natural looking brow person so this is a perfect product for me, this definitely may be making it into my kit. It is one of the only products I have constantly grabbed this past week. Even on my 'no makeup' makeup days I give my brows a brush through with this, throw on some mascara and gloss and I am good to go.

Haloscope is a great natural highlight, almost more of a balm. It makes your skin have a gorgeous glow while not being overpowering like many other highlighters on the market. If you are looking for a crazy glow from outer space this may not be for you, but if you are looking to be a natural dewy beauty this may be right up your alley.

The cloud paints are another great product that have actually made it into my kit. I think they are great, they give a nice touch of colour to the complexion. They can be built up if needed, and Glossier just released some more colours so there may be another order from me soon. They are a great cream blush, if you are looking to try a cream blush but are a bit nervous this is a great product to use. Super light-weight and sheer, perfect right on the skin or on top of foundation.

Generation G lipstick, and lipgloss, this has become my new go to lip. The lipstick is very sheer so it is great for everyday. It's not a product I worry about wearing for a while, It doesn't seem dry out my lips and if it starts to wear off It looks very natural while doing so. The lipgloss is a clear gloss but it great. It isn't to sticky or to wet, it doesn't have an unappealing smell, it just works. Im definitely a fan.

Stretch concealer, this is the only product I ordered that I didn't fall in love with. I am very particular about concealer and base products so it isn't a big shock, but I am still playing around with it. It does look good when first applied, though it does seem like a quite wet concealer and you will need to set it. I am going to work with it some more and see if there is a preferred way of applying and setting it.

As the weather is getting warmer I am finding my concealer needs to be set and my mascara is starting to flake and stick to it, or smudge on it a bit (long eyelash problems) but overall it seems like a nice light concealer with some decent coverage.

Overall I am quite happy with my purchases from this brand and I will be purchasing from them again in the future. The packaging is cute, and they are definitely working for me.

If you try any Glossier products let me know if you like them, and if you have any suggestions for a product you'd like me to review let me know!

If you are interested in trying out some glossier products and are looking for 10% off use my link!! --->

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