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How early should i book makeup services?

If you are looking to book for a Saturday during bridal season (May-October) I recommend booking as early as possible. I sometimes book up to a year in advance! If you are booking for off season of a day during the week, early is still great but 6 months out is usually the best. I do take last minute dates if i am available!

Can I book a trial first? What if I am not sure if i want makeup or what look I will want?

You can absolutely book a trial first before securing your date! I recommend booking a trial first if you are unsure if you would like makeup or if you would like to make sure we are the right fit for each other!

If you don't know what look you want that is not a problem. We talk through how you want to feel, your style, and what you like and then i can come up with a look from there!

How many Services can you accommodate?

I can accommodate 8-10 services depending on the time frame. If you are looking for more or you have a short time to get ready I recommend booking a second artist. I've worked with a number of wonderful makeup artists and hair stylist that I would be happy to recommend, otherwise if you would like me to take care of booking a secondary artist/stylist there will be an additional fee.

What if I don't want to have a trial?

I do think every bride should have a trial, as we talk about what to expect, try out a look as well as talk about skin care leading up to the date. If you would like to forgo the trial that is up to you, and i will just add more time onto the day of incase we need to make adjustments or go step by step to ensure we get perfect look for you. 


Should I tip?


If you are more than happy with your service you are more then welcome to leave a tip. It is never expected but always greatly appreciated.  You can tip after a trial or at the end of all the services.

Whether its a tip, a Starbucks card, a review or a recommendation I appreciate all the support for my small business.  


Do you provide a Touch Up Kit?

I can if you would like, though i no longer include it in with my applications. Many people would forget it at the getting ready location or just not need it throughout the evening so instead of having it included, i have it optional.

Do you provide lipstick or will it last all evening?

I use a lipstick that will wear off naturally, I find many stains or liquid lipsticks are to drying and start peeling/coming off from the inner part of lip looking less then glamorous towards the end of the night. To have you looking and feeling great the whole evening, I use products that will wear naturally so you will be comfortable and avoid the inner rim wear/bleeding/smudging. Your lips should last until after your photos and then if you would like you can purchase your lip shade through me otherwise, I recommend just a nice balm, or your favourite lip product to throw on as you are dancing the evening away.

Are you trained in makeup? 

Yes! I trained at the John Casablancas Institute and graduated from the unlimited makeup program!

I have been doing makeup for 5 years and absolutely adore my clients, Makeup is such a personal thing and I am honored to help someone feel beautiful on a very special day.

My favourite type of makeup looks are more natural with a hit of glam on the eye. Soft and Romantic.

Are you trained in hair?

No I am not trained in hair styling. Over the years in the industry I have picked up a number of styles and tricks and enjoy styling, and style on many shoots I work on. I consider hair an add-on service to my business, meaning I do not take just hair bookings. If you are wanting to book both services I am happy to do so and will have open communication on if I feel confident in the style you are hoping for.

My favourite hair styles are more boho messy updos or gorgeous curled half up half down with twists.

I'm nervous about germs after Covid, do you sanitize?

Absolutely! One of the things i am so grateful for in makeup school is learning how to properly sanitize and keep myself and my clients safe.

I sanitize my hands before every client and continue to wear a mask, if needed or preferred. 

A clean brush set is used on every client, and deep cleaned after appointments. Brushes are then sanitized and safe for the next client. Cream products are put on to a palette so no double dipping occurs. If you are concerned about anything please reach out and i would be happy to put your mind at ease.

If you have any other questions please reach out, i would be happy to address any concerns!

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