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Skin Care - Exfoliation

Updated: May 27, 2018

Let's talk #skincare and #exfoliation

Skin care is one of the most important steps in a makeup application. If you have a great base, the end result can be amazing. Many people think in order to have great skin you should exfoliate and scrub. While exfoliation is important please do not scrub your face or use harsh exfoliants and cleansers. You can actually create small micro abrasions on your skin, which can later get infected. I have had clients say "I've been scrubbing my face all week so I wouldn't have a breakout"... That can actually strip your face of causing you to breakout or start having dry flaking skin, another not so great result. Using a chemical exfoliator is one of my favourite parts of my skin care routine. While it may sounds scary, using a product with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) are beneficial and a safe and effective way to get glowing beautiful skin. They can do everything from reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, treat acne and congestion, and hydrate the skin.
AHA's are a natural acid that is found in foods. They work on the skins surface and are water soluble. They are great for dry skin and rejuvenating mature skin. Glycolic, Lactic, and Citric acid are the most commonly used in skin care. They remove the top layers of dead skin cells, and can also increase thickness of the deeper layers of your skin, promoting firmness.
BHA's are more used to combat oily skin and acne-prone skin. Salicylic acid is the most well know BHA on the market. They work on the skins surface and penetrate within the pore. BHA's are oil soluble, they also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They are great for treating blackheads and acne prone skin.
If you are looking to update you skin care routine, or improve your overall skin health you should definitely give an acid a try.

Some reccomendations for chemical exfoliation is Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. I recommend picking up this set from Sephora. They are deluxe sample/travel size or the TLC Serum and the Virgin Marula Face Oil. Both are amazing and I highly recommend picking this up and giving it a try. Another great acid product is Sunday Reily UFO Oil, but I will be posting an in-depth review on that in some weeks to come.

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