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Bridal Services

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Unlimited Communication

Consultation, trial and traditional makeup day of application. Individual lashes are included.

15% off any lash and brow service prior to the wedding date.

Bridal Hair Styling 

Unlimited Communication

Bridal Hair Trial

Bridal Hair day of on Location

Fiance To Bride Package


Have beauty throughout your journey from gorgeous fiancé to beautiful bride. 


Unlimited Communication

Engagement Shoot Makeup & Hair Styling 

Bridal Trial and Hair Trial

Wedding Day Makeup Application and Hair Styling

False lashes included

Small Party Package

Take care of the whole party and get makeup and hair for the bride and 3 bridesmaides


Unlimited Communication
Bridal Makeup Trial and Day of

Bridal Hair Trial and Day of
Hair and makeup for 3 Bridesmaids

False Lashes included in all applications

Additional Services

- Touch Up Services 

- Mens Grooming

-Tattoo Coverage 

Bridal Attendant 

Traditional makeup application for any bridal party members including bridesmaids, mother of the groom/bride, and attendants. 

Complimentary false lashes.

Attendant Hair Styling 

Hair can be added to parties of 4 or smaller depending on timing. 

Includes some curling, half up half down styles and some updo's.

Additional fees may be added if style will exceed booking time;

Blow out, extensions etc. 

Elopement Package

Unlimited Communication
Makeup Trial and Day of for Bride
Hair trial and day of for Bride
Makeup and Hair for 2 attendants 
False Lashes included in all applications

All The Makeups Package 

Everyone can relax, and look incredible with this package. The entire bridal party is taken care of.


Unlimited Communication
Bridal Consultation & Bridal Day of 
Mother of the Bride
Mother of the Groom
Maid of Honour
2 Bridesmaids

30% off any touch up services

False Lashes included in all applications

Touch Up Kit

If you would like to purchase your lip colour to reapply on your day or a touch up kit please speak with your artist.


Booking and Travel Fees 
All local travel up to 30 km round trip will not be charged.
Travelling outside 30 km round trip will be a rate of  $00.60 per km plus time driven .
Client is responsible for all travel costs including but not limited to: parking, ferry, airfare, travel and non-working days, hotel, transportation. 

Clients that are late to appointments will be charged $15.00 for every 15 minuets of delay. Bookings with a large party may require additional artist - $150.00 per artist. Overtime fee of $50.00 will be charged per hour from the time the contract ends. 

Trials are required for all bridal clients. Exceptions can be made for elopements or out of town clients. After the trial your date will be held for 24 hours, after the 24 hour grace period you must send in your contract and retainer in order to secure your date.
Dates can be secured ahead of a trial.

If having a trial prior to booking the trial fee will be charged the day of the appointment. 
Dates are booked on a first come first serve basis, and will not be booked without a signed contract and paid retainer. 
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