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A few notes to future brides/clients

Wedding season has begun! I have had wonderful experiences with all of my brides so far this year. Every single one of them has come in and been super sweet. I always try and make whoever is sitting in my chair feel as comfortable as they possibly can, and make it an enjoyable experience for not only the client but myself as well.

I was a bit nervous about this years makeups, because of all the internet trends but most of my wonderful island brides have come in saying they like the natural look, to do whatever I think will look nice. They trust my judgement, which as an artist is the best compliment you can receive.

A few notes to any future brides or any clients.

When you are planning your wedding/makeup there are a few things that people love to pamper themselves with (which I'm all for) prior to the event, but I ask you make sure I am aware, and you are aware of some negative sides of these services.


When getting any waxing done, know that there is potential to break out or be red from where the waxing was done. I always say schedule your waxing appointments two weeks prior to your date. If you can not do two weeks, one full week at least.

I can tidy up brows or any unwanted facial hair if needed, just let your artist know ahead of time.


Facials can have a similar fate to the waxing. While most of the time you are relaxed and your skin feels and looks amazing after, there is a slight risk of breaking out or having a reaction. To be on the safe side, like the waxing, I always recommend at least 2-3 weeks prior, this gives enough time for your skin to calm down and battle any breakouts that may have popped up. If you have been getting facials all the time for months then I would be less nervous, but would still say at least a week in advance and only if it is the same products being used.


While tanning may sound great, it does not always have a great outcome. If you are going in a tanning bed, there is always a risk of being burnt. With spray tans there is a risk of being orange. I don't think anyone wants to look like a carrot walking down the aisle. If getting a spray tan, like the waxing, and facials shoot to have it done maybe two weeks in advance. This will allow time for the tan to fade if it is to dark or slightly orange.

I always ask if brides will be tanning when doing the trial, because it may effect the way the colours look to you on your skin. I will have to colour match for foundation again (which isn't a problem) but if you were set on a particular colour on your eyes, it may not look the same after you've tanned.

No foundation:

A strange one I know but I have been asked to do bridal makeup without foundation. If you aren't a big makeup wearer after the trial it may look a little foreign to you, but not having foundation on will change the overall look. I have had a bride say I loved everything, but the foundation just isn't me, my partner didn't like it.

If I skipped foundation and did everything else the same it would look a little strange, and also wouldn't last as long as the bronzer, blush, etc. wouldn't have a base to stick to.

The photos are another concern, when getting photos done, you can look washed out if there is not foundation on your skin, I think it pulls the whole look together. I can do light coverage, or even using a tinted moisturizer can add a little bit of coverage/colour.

Makeup from the night before:

Now this isn't just for my brides. Any client that comes in, if you are having a makeup application, unless it is later in the day and you've gone to work/out, please come with no makeup on. If you are part of a bridal party, I have a limited amount of time to do a large group of makeups and removing multiple clients makeups can take up some of that limited time. Coming with a fresh clean face, can help me out a great deal. Sleeping in makeup is not good for your skin so please cleanse your face and remove your makeup every night before going to bed. Clean face = A happy artist.


Make sure that you are allowing your makeup artist the correct time to do the applications correctly. No one wants a rushed job. I understand if maybe you'd like to sleep in, or relax with a coffee and there are ways you can still do that while giving your makeup artist the right amount of time. Talk with your artist about options. I can be pretty quick, but not the flash quick.


Some people don't understand why some trials are necessary. Trials give me the opportunity to really understand what you are looking for. Makeup is a form of art so it is subjective. What I think will look good, you may not like or not be used to. Trial ensure that not only are you going to look great, but you are going to feel great because you know what to expect and aren't nervous throughout the process. I also like to get my clients to wear the makeup for a few hours to see how the makeup sits on their skin, and opinion changes, I love hearing how long the makeup lasted, or if there was something they want to change. I am here to make you feel amazing so don't hold your opinions back let me know what your thinking.

Some clients also don't use the same vocabulary as an artist, I had a client who said she hated a smokey eye, but after the makeup application she said she would prefer if the makeup looked darker, was this shape etc. and what she described was in fact a smokey eye. Coming with pictures can really help an artist understand the look you are going for. Thats why trials are great, if you don't have pictures or any clue we can talk about it and try some things out without a time restraint or knowing you have to leave to go to an event or walk down the aisle right after.

I am sure I could continue to write this post for hours, but those are the big ones that I tend to see. If you are determined to have a facial/brows/tanning done the day before, or really don't want foundation on then do you. Be comfortable in your own skin and own it, these are just a few precautions I like clients to be aware of. It is your day to feel beautiful, I'm just there to help!

Thanks for reading my loves!

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