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Update on Glossier -

So i've been loving my glossier products and they have become a total staple whenever I put on my makeup, but I am even more impressed with there customer service.

I was sent an email from them asking to give them a review. Since I was loving pretty much everything but the concealer I thought i'd give them some feedback. I gave them my honest opinion, stated how much I loved boy brow and everything else but that concealer wasn't really working for me. Its not a bad product by any means, but it creases a bit on me and I tend to gravitate to my other concealers for more coverage, and less creasing. About a week later I received another email from glossier, it was personal saying a big thanks for the review, how they love boy brow just as much as me and said they were sorry I wasn't super happy with the concealer but the feedback was great. The big shock is they refunded me for the concealer. I didn't send it back, or hate it or anything, but because I wasn't as satisfied as I hoped I would be they refunded me. This is the type of brand that I love. A brand that focuses on getting good feedback from their customers and actually values their opinion. I am definitely going to be making more orders to glossier, for my kit and my personal makeup stash. Loving them right now and just blown away by this customer service. It shows the brand is not only wanting to improve but to give the best product possible! I am so amazed and really liking the company. Love you Glossier!!

If you are interested in trying glossier and want 10% off heres my link!! --->

Thanks for reading!

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